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Sechelt Dental Centre is a General Dental Practice, providing the many and varied aspects of dental care for the entire family. Our endeavour, our goal, is to offer comprehensive dentistry for our patients in a manner, both professionally and personally, that is based upon the highest regard for ethics and for respect – respect for our patients, respect for our staff and respect for the environment.


Dr. Lorne Berman

Dr. Anne Crowley

Dr. Alberto Ferrante

Dr. Sabina Schloegl


The Sechelt Dental Centre has been Lorne’s practice since 1974. Lorne is pleased to have the opportunity and privilege to work with Dr. Sabina Schloegl, who joined the practice in 1997, as well as with Dr. Anne Crowley and Dr. Alberto Ferrante. Together, these capable dental practitioners provide a wealth of experience and knowledge in their provision of dental care.  We are also fortunate to work with our dedicated hygienists, our awesome certified dental assistants and our conscientious reception and office staff. Truly a team effort of hardworking people that make the practice function and that contribute to a cohesive and fulfilling workplace.


We, at the Sechelt Dental Centre, strive to provide the utmost in excellence in the delivery of dental care for our patients, while at the same time maintaining a deep respect for the environment in the manner that we operate our practice of General Dentistry.

Much effort has been made from the beginning to employ best-use and most environmentally friendly practices with respect to choosing building materials and finishes, flooring, supplies, sundries, stationery, cleansers and disinfectants, etc. 

Also our reusing/recycling of paper and packaging, our kitchen composting, lighting, our air, water and effluent filtration systems are more of the many ways that we endeavour to be respectful to our planet and to our patients.

As a footnote, we are a “non-mercury” practice – we do not use it. However, any mercury that enters the effluent as a result of treatment is removed to the 98.8% level and is then shipped appropriately to licensed handlers for disposal of these hazardous materials.


We see people from all “walks of life”, of all ages and with a variety of needs or preferences with respect to their dental concerns. If you wish to make an appointment with our dentists or hygienists, please call our office so that our reception staff can talk with you and give you the individual attention needed to book your appointment appropriately.

Our office is open mostly year-round

8:00 – 5:00 Monday to Friday and 8:00 – 4:00 most Saturdays

Speak With One Of Our Helpful Receptionists



After a fire destroyed the original office above the Bank of Montreal in 1989, our ground-level office was built adjacent to the Sechelt Health Unit, across from the Post Office, at the corner of Inlet and Dolphin.

Practice Location:
Sechelt Dental Centre
Inlet Centre
5684 Dolphin Street
Sechelt, B.C.

Mailing Address:
Sechelt Dental Centre
P. O. Box 1099
Sechelt, B.C V0N 3AO
Email: sdc@telus.net
Fax: 604-885-3787


We are delighted to offer Sunshine Coast artists the opportunity to display their visual art on the walls of our office space, under the abundant natural light. An ambiance of organic design and handcrafted construction reflects the natural elements – logs, wood, stone, glass, bamboo surrounded by lush plants and soft colours. 

Our artists hang their work for an unspecified length of time, usually until they take it down for a “show” somewhere. Any art pieces that are for sale can be arranged for purchase, directly with the artist. It is our pleasure for our patients and staff to be able to view and appreciate this evolving gallery, and especially to offer our gifted artists the opportunity to share their creativity with others.

Thank You For Looking Us Up